Gravity is a habit that is hard to shake off.

I stated out with an idea that would, quite honestly, taken me about a day, rather than an hour. So I did this in about 40 minutes instead.

Arrow Keys to move the Graviball around. Try shaking off the cubes and spheres if you can !

AuthorPiers Bishop
Made withUnity


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So smooth ... I can't stop playing with your Graviball ... Thank's for the good time !

Hey, thanks ! :)

Wow impressive results! Congrats!


Hello there.

So, this seems interesting. I'm going to be entering this competition to see if I can quickly make a game inside of 1 hour.

I like the concept, is the code basically





? I'd imagine as a basics it would be. But I'd be interested to hear your response if this is not the case.

Hi there !

There is no grounded condition actually, it's just a perpetual reorientation and "falling" towards the sphere.

The script is a little more complex than that, because I thought it out as some kind of artificial gravity, but you got the gist of it, yeah. :)

Oh, okay nice.

I was going to do this 1 hour coding jam, but I quickly came to the conclusion that I'm not good enough! More practice is required!

Also, my idea, I couldn't bring to fruition no matter what I tried.

Feel free to try it:

A sphere, or planet. and things spawn around it and you have to drag them off the planet and they'll fall back to the planet and pop.

It doesn't matter if you take more than an hour. These are more guidelines than they are rules, let your creativity run wild !

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This game jam series is also about gaining skills, so sure you will struggle at the beginning, but it's for the good, like anything we must learn to master :)

On the artistic side, there is no good or bad. Feel free to have bizarre graphics and sounds, that's also interesting.

The one hour rule is here to put a scope. Don't try to create a top-seller game, stick to one mechanics and explore it widely. But then, you can exceed a bit the deadline.