Jasmine Tea.

Trying out generative music. Got the rhythm part sorta right, but I was too lazy to get too many different sounds and try things out.

R to reload and try out a different ambiance.

EDIT : tried getting it to make more complex patterns. Now things ahve a higher chance of sounding bad, but hopefully what sounds ok sounds betetr than it used to.

AuthorPiers Bishop
Made withUnity


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Kinda annoys me lol.

Seems interesting tho, a generative music would be kinda cool if you managed to get this to work.


Yeah, most if the tunes it plays out are rather "meh"-ish at best. I really couldn't be bothered with a more complex algorithm either.

Oh, and I know nothing about music in any case. x)

If you wrote a more complex algorithm, you could use it in all your games so you always have background music and don't really have to worry about it all that much.

Hah, fair enough. I might get back to it later this week, then.