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I developed a game for the Nintendo Game Boy for this year's Global Game Jam.

You play as a mermaid that has to seduce and lure men into the water so they can drown. Seduce them by waving at them in a flirtatious way.

I wanted to do this project so I could show off a little, but mostly I did it because I was curious. I wanted to know if it could be done, and if so, how easily. What kind of issues would I encounter, and how manageable would they be ? Would the limited capabilities of the hardware be a problem ?

I don't know if I'd do it again, but I'm glad to have done it, it was a lot of fun, and very satisfying.

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Published94 days ago
AuthorPiers Bishop

Install instructions

The .gb files can be opened on any Game Boy emulator.

I had to separate the title screen from the actual game, so one of the two .gb files does nothing but show a pretty picture.


coucou(star).zip (18 kB)

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