Gentris is based on a very well known block-falling, line-clearing game, but adds procedurally generated pieces of various sizes and a few other subtle changes I wanted to experiment with. There are also extra game modes that take advantage of the procedural nature of the game :

  • Limited mode is sort of a "Roguelike" mode : you play using only a very limited pool of pieces. Get to know your more complicated pieces and work around them! I think of it as a Roguelike because some runs will have more luck than others, but will always allow you to adapt to what you've been dealt.
  • Custom mode alows you to change most aspects of the game : piece weights by size, grid dimensions, win conditions, and so on.

This is more of a fun personnal project than anything else, made because I wanted to work on feedback and game feel.

(If it gets enough attention, I'll get to working on extra features, such as custom key bindings. I'll be open to suggestions too!)

Feel free to report any bugs you encounter.

How to Play

Controls and manual are all included in the game itself, including button promps on the bottom of the screen for menu navigation.

The game has been configured for keyboard, XBOX 360 controller, and PS4 controller. It has not been tested with an XBOX One controller, but the key bindings should be the same as the 360.

I personally recommend using a PS4 controller, for the d-pad.

Demo & Downloads

The game in the web player is a demo. It is also available for download.

The full game can be purchased and downloaded.

As I cannot test Mac/Linux builds myself, please let me know if something doesn't work as intended!


The game was made by me, Piers Bishop.

The backgrounds were created by Flopine.

The music was composed by Alexander J Lewis.

The SFX are by DustyRoom, LittleRobotSoundFactory, and SoundBits, on Unity Asset Store, VIRIX on, and deleted_user_229898 on

Fonts are public domain.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorPiers Bishop
GenrePuzzle, Strategy
Made withUnity
Tags2D, blocks, High Score, Procedural Generation, Retro, Roguelike, Singleplayer, Tetris


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Gentris Demo 44 MB
Gentris Demo 50 MB
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Yeah, I have nothing negative to say about this game. It feels good to play, the music is chill, and the unique block shapes adds a new challenge.

Hah, thanks a bunch !


My first game in Normal-Endless-L0… God this was tiring and brain melting, my brain just froze at L21 and it went form a couple lines to game over in 30 seconds :-P


Interesting and stressful additions to the formula