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I've been doing mixed prompts for inktober this year, based on #mindtober and #mabsdrawlloweenclub.

I decided to do them as pixel art I could display on my gameboy! I've been doing some gameboy dev for some time now, and thought this would be a good way for me to express myself in a personnal way. I don't have a lot of experience with pixel art though, so I hope these look alright.

There are two versions of the rom: one with the original black and white pixel art for the GB, and a "DX" version for the GBC with the colors I editted in when sharing on social media.

Press Right/A to cycle through the pixel art pieces, and Left/B to go back.

Prompt list:
1 - My Own Monster Self-Portrait
2 - Haunted Friend
3 - Greedy Witch
4 - Night Circus Bloom
5 - Cryptid For You
6 - The Salamander Question
7 - Blissful Werewolf
8 - Anthropomorphic Haunted
9 - Classic Horror Judge
10 - Winged Head
11 - Labyrinth Need
12 - Poisonous Split
13 - Lagoon... I Know ?
14 - Sleep Yokai
15 - Fairytale Underdog
16 - Mythological Eyes
17 - Vampire Doubt
18 - Jaws Spell
19 - Pumpkin Damage
20 - Giant Monster Breath
21 - Gentle Omen
22 - Wicked Weeds Machine
23 - Frankenstein Limit
24 - Don't Insectoid
25 - Dark Sea Weight
26 - Fang Time
27 - Dark Crypt
28 - Serpentine Burn
29 - Grateful UFO
30 - Costume Memory
31 - Unkown Monster Mash


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Brilliant, I just viewed them on my IPS screen GBA. Marvelous. Pixel perfect! I love the kiosk with the underwater scene. Did you put it together using GB-studio or some other method?


Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I don't use GB Studio, my gameboy & gameboy color ROMS are made using GBDK, a programming library for the C language. I highly recommend it if you're a little familiar with code. GBDK does have some issues, as it is an old library, and can cause memory leaks even with some otherwise-normal code. I would highly suggest using GBDK-N or GBDK 2020 instead, which are both very recent updates to the library that attempt to fix its issues.

For this challenge, I've also been using gingemonster's GameboyPngConverter to help with the tile generation. (Before that, I'd go through the usual GBTD and GBMB tools, which are ok for regular level building, but aren't thought out for pixel art pieces like this)


Great, thanks for the tips. I sent you an Instagram message too, by-the-way. Best wishes!


Love this, only wish there was more D;

Hah, thank you so much! Maybe next year! :)


i liked it, the art are quite great, i hope to see more of you, sadly i cant buy the gbc version, but the arts were great nontheless

Don't sweat it, I'm really glad you appreciate the art in the first place! :)