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Procedures is a game that features proceduraly generated dungeons. The aim of the game is to travel through the dungeon, find 4 documents, and bring them back to the document machine.
Just like real life administration, getting these documents will be increasingly confusing and tiring. But don't lose focuse of your goal.

Each of the four documents is located in a different environment, and will grant you a power-up :
 * Cave - Orange - Shoot
 * Swamp - Blue - Freeze
 * Dungeon - White - Invisibility
 * Volcano - Pink - Double Jump

(note) This is the recommended pickup order, because of some environments having a high chance of needing a previous document in order to get through them. But you can try stuff however you want. You'll have a pain going through the game without shooting though.

-Main Menu-
Arrow Keys to navigate, change your dungeon options
Spacebar to select "START"
-In Game-
Left/Right Arrow Keys to move
Up Arrow Key to jump
Down Arrow Key to change your current document / power
Spacebar to use your current power

There are, on purpose of course, glitches in this game. Whenever the camera scrolls to another panel, or whenever you die, some form of glitch will occur : usually graphical, sometimes audio.
You might not notice them at first, but they will stack up and make tham game very difficult to read. It is quite recommended to play the first few games with glitches deactivated.

While the dungeons are random, you can actually play specific seeds if you wish. Do note that the Length, Glitches, and Difficulty parameters will also be decided by the seed. To enter a seed, use the numpad keys on the title screen, and press the numpad's Enter key to play the seed's dungeon.

Dragons only have a collider in the head, so you can get in their nodies and kill them from behind.
Bats only kill you if they get close to your face, you can safely jump on them !
If a dungeon is too hard, you can press Escape to return to the title screen.
I built some of the rooms without really thinking about all of the possibilities, and sometimes (although rarely) you might end up stuck. Sorry if that happens.

Game fully made by me. Based on a game by RMSHR.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorPiers Bishop
Tags8-Bit, Experimental, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Retro


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oh yeah ! you did it ! <3

Making the game actually felt a lot like playing it : at first it feels fine, you think you can manage, but the deeper you go into it, the more confusing some things get, sometimes realizing you were going in the wrong direction all along !